Currently in pre-production is,                                              , a feature film about the love of the game of 16" softball...Chicago style        

This game will leave in its wake, broken dreams, hearts and sometimes, bones.  Purists believe it should be played barehanded, as first intended.

The “Mutts”, a ragtag team of players with braces on their knees, swollen ankles and gnarled fingers are the only team playing the game the way it was meant to be. They seek one, last shot at the National Championship.

Led by their captain and pitcher, Father Joe Demko, a rebellious Jesuit priest, this collection of true-to-life characters try to defy the odds and the hundred glove-wearing teams in their quest for glory.

Their greatest obstacle comes as Demko’s nemesis, “Monty” Montgomery, a vindictive nightclub owner and softballer extraordinaire.  The vengeful Monty vows to destroy Demko’s team and humiliate songstress Mary Pat (Demko’s friend and their mutual ex-flame). 

Good vs. evil, substance vs. greed and Demko vs. Monty. 

The “Mutts” individual stories involving the many loved ones (and adversaries) in their lives are filled with humor, pathos and a great deal of determination.

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