The following talent have expressed their sincere interest for participation in "Sprinkle the Infield."
Joe Mantegna
Mike Hagerty
Ron Dean
Jack Wallace
Natalia Nogulich
Art LaFleur
Mark DeCarlo
John Capodice
Geoff Pierson
Neil Flynn
Nick Searcy
Harold Sylvester
Bruce McGill
Bruce Campbell
Dee Wallace
Kevin Sorbo
Gary Sinise
Jeff Chase
Mik Scriba
Isabella Hofmann
Bill Smitrovich
Dan Lauria
Shashawnee Hall
Vinny Guastaferro
Dwight Hicks
Chris Serrone
Audrey Tess Casey
Winsor Harmon
Jon Polito
James Russo
Bobby Costanzo
Max Martini
Danny Hicks
Christian Stolte